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1. It’s not easy for casual observer to distinguish _______ genuine paintings and copies.

(A) Between

(B) Therefore

(C) For

(D) To

2. All matter is formed of molecules, ________.

(A) It doesn’t matter if the complex

(B) No matter how complex

(C) How complex is not a matter

(D) It’s not a complex matter

3. After World War I, automobiles, buses, trucks became the most common ________

(A) Of transportation

(B) Transport form

(C) Forms of transportation

(D) Transportation of form

4. Tears anger and tensions ________ naturally.

(A) Are relieved

(B) Relieving

(C) Relieve

(D) What they relieve

5. In a single day ________ are as many as thousands of people involved in business deals in one area.

(A) Yet

(B) They

(C) Ever

(D) There

6. Paper _______ from cellulose fibers.

(A) Is produced

(B) Producing

(C) Produced

(D) Which is produced

7. _______an insurance agent, it is necessary to pass the state examination.

(A) Become

(B) To become

(C) Having become

(D) One becomes

8. There are _______ art galleries in the city of Carmel

(A) a great deal

(B) many

(C) much

(D) lots

9. One difficulty _______ at night is limited vision

(A) to drive

(B) will drive

(C) with driving

(D) be driven

10. ________ the Pulitzer Prize in 1924

(A) Edna Ferber won

(B) When Edna Ferber won

(C) With Edna Ferber’s winning

(D) Edna Ferber’s winning

11. All______ of the world carries on breeding experiments to increase yield or to improve disease resistance.

(A) countries that grow wheat

(B) growth of wheat countries

(C) wheat–producing countries

(D) countries where wheat is grown

12. Throughout the United States _______ fast food restaurants where hamburgers are served.

(A) there are

(B) there is

(C) located

(D) are there

13. The human body contains water________, bones, and muscles.

(A) is blood

(B) in its blood

(C) is in its blood

(D) it is in its blood

14. _______ covered by the sea, which occupies 71 percent of the earth.

(A) A huge unknown world is

(B) An huge the unknown world

(C) How huge the unknown world

(D) So huge is the unknown world

15. In his painting “The Three Musicians” Picasso reached a climax in his use _______ geometric forms.

(A) to

(B) of

(C) on

(D) with

1. A
2. B
3. A
4. A
5. D
6. A
7. B
8. B
9. A
10. A
11. B
12. A
13. B
14. A
15. B

the answer of question bellow
7. A
8. A
9. B
10. C
11. B
12. B
13. A

Reading Comprehension



A new hearing device is now available for some hearing-impaired people. This device uses a magnet to hold the detachable sound-processing portion in place. Like other aids, it converts sound into vibrations, but it is unique in that it can transmit the vibrations directly to the magnet, and then to the inner ear, producing a clearer sound. The new device will not help all hearing-impaired people, only those with a hearing loss caused by infection or other problem in the middle ear. It will probably help no more than 20 percent of all people with hearing problems. Those people, however, who often have persistent ear infections should find relief and restored hearing with the new device.

7. What is the author’s main purpose?

(A) to describe a new cure for ear infections

(B) to inform medical personnel of a new device

(C) to urge doctors to use the new device

(D) to explain the use of the magnet

8. It can be inferred from the passage that

(A) this use of magnets is new

(B) infections are in the inner ear

(C) magnets can be dangerous for 80 percent of the people

(D) the new device is smaller than old ones

9. According to the passage, what does the device NOT do?

(A) transmit sound to the inner ear

(B) help all hearing-impaired people

(C) produce clear sound

(D) change sound into vibrations

PASSAGE FIVE (Questions 10-13)



After two decades of growing student enrollments and economic prosperity, business schools in the Unites States have started to face harder times. Only Harvard’s MBA School showed a substantial increase in enrollment in the 1993 school year. Both Princeton and Stanford have seen decrease in their enrollments. Since 1990, the number of people receiving Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degrees, has dropped about 3 percent to 75,000, and the trend of lower enrollment rates is expected to continue.

There are two factors causing this decrease in students seeking an MBA degree. The first one is that many graduates of four-year colleges are finding that an MBA degree is not a guarantee for a plush job on Wall Street, or in other financial districts of major American cities. Many of the entry-level management jobs are going to students graduating with Master of Arts degrees in English and the humanities as well as those holding MMBA degrees. Students have asked the questions, “Is an MBA degree really what I need to be best prepared for getting a good job?” The second major factor has been the cutting of American payrolls and the lower number of entry-level jobs being offered. Business needs are changing, and MBA schools are struggling to meet the new demands.

10. What is the main focus of this passage?

(A) Jobs on Wall Street

(B) Types of graduate degrees

(C) Changes in enrollment for MBA schools

(D) How schools are changing to reflect the economy

11. Which of the following university’s business schools has not shown a decrease in enrollment?

(A) Princeton

(B) Harvard

(C) Stanford

(D) Yale

12. Which of the following descriptions most likely applies to Wall Street?

(A) A center for international affairs

(B) A major financial center

(C) A shopping district

(D) A neighborhood in New York

13. According to the passage, what are two causes of declining business school enrollments?

(A) Lack of necessity for an MBA and an economic recession

(B) Low salary and foreign competition

(C) Fewer MBA schools and fewer entry-level jobs

(D) Declining population and economic prosperity

Guru Patimpus The Ancestors and Founder of Medan

Kamis, 18 Desember 2008

Based on Hamparan Perak history Guru Patimpus was Tuan Si Raja Hita's son. And Tuan Si Raja Hita was Sisingamangaraja's son. it means Guru Patimpus was Sisingamangaraja' grandchild.

Guru Patimpus Sembiring Pelawi, Born in Aji Jahe around 16th century. Guru Patimpus origin from Dataran Tinggi Karo, North Sumatera. he was known as founder of Medan City. Before he became a Moeslem, he was Perbegu follower. Following "trombo" and Hamparan Perak (XII Kuta) history, Guru Patimpus studied Islam Religion from Datuk Kota Bangun. In that time, Guru Patimpus and his people wanted to meet Datuk Kota Bangun. And all of them went to Bangun City not only to meet him but also wanted to compete the power with Datuk Bangun. In the history, the looser of this challenge must be followed the winner Religion.

When Guru Patimpus went to Bangun City, he always passed Pulo Brayan. In Pulo Brayan Guru Patimpus loved Princess of Pulo Brayan King. And then He married with her and he got two boys. They were Kolok and Kecik. After he got married, Guru Patimpus and his wife made forest area between Deli and Babura river became a small village and it was called Medan. Date of that happened became the date of Medan Anniversary, it happened in July, 1st 1590.

Their son Kolok And Kecik went to Aceh to study Islam more. They became "Hafiz". Hafiz is people who memories fully the Holy AL-QUR'AN. The king of Aceh called them Kolok Hafiz and Kecik Hafiz. Afterwards The Young Hafiz became Raja Kuta XII in Medan. Guru Patimpus and his son made Medan as their Administration Centre. In Malayan Languages Medan means place for people to assemble, because in acient era, medan contain many people from Hamparan Perak, Sukapiring and others to trade with others. Medan Village also arrounded by other village like Kesawan, Binuang, Tebing Tinggi and Merbau.

Now, Guru Patimpus Sembiring Pelawi memoried in statue that located in Jalan Guru Patimpus Medan


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