Guru Patimpus The Ancestors and Founder of Medan

Kamis, 18 Desember 2008

Based on Hamparan Perak history Guru Patimpus was Tuan Si Raja Hita's son. And Tuan Si Raja Hita was Sisingamangaraja's son. it means Guru Patimpus was Sisingamangaraja' grandchild.

Guru Patimpus Sembiring Pelawi, Born in Aji Jahe around 16th century. Guru Patimpus origin from Dataran Tinggi Karo, North Sumatera. he was known as founder of Medan City. Before he became a Moeslem, he was Perbegu follower. Following "trombo" and Hamparan Perak (XII Kuta) history, Guru Patimpus studied Islam Religion from Datuk Kota Bangun. In that time, Guru Patimpus and his people wanted to meet Datuk Kota Bangun. And all of them went to Bangun City not only to meet him but also wanted to compete the power with Datuk Bangun. In the history, the looser of this challenge must be followed the winner Religion.

When Guru Patimpus went to Bangun City, he always passed Pulo Brayan. In Pulo Brayan Guru Patimpus loved Princess of Pulo Brayan King. And then He married with her and he got two boys. They were Kolok and Kecik. After he got married, Guru Patimpus and his wife made forest area between Deli and Babura river became a small village and it was called Medan. Date of that happened became the date of Medan Anniversary, it happened in July, 1st 1590.

Their son Kolok And Kecik went to Aceh to study Islam more. They became "Hafiz". Hafiz is people who memories fully the Holy AL-QUR'AN. The king of Aceh called them Kolok Hafiz and Kecik Hafiz. Afterwards The Young Hafiz became Raja Kuta XII in Medan. Guru Patimpus and his son made Medan as their Administration Centre. In Malayan Languages Medan means place for people to assemble, because in acient era, medan contain many people from Hamparan Perak, Sukapiring and others to trade with others. Medan Village also arrounded by other village like Kesawan, Binuang, Tebing Tinggi and Merbau.

Now, Guru Patimpus Sembiring Pelawi memoried in statue that located in Jalan Guru Patimpus Medan

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